The Science of Fitness 

Vibeology is the science of fitness! 

20 Minute Workout = 1 Hour of Traditional Strength Training


We are a boutique fitness studio using whole body vibration to complete an effective 20 minute low impact workout. Every workout is guided by a trainer in small personal groups of 1- 4. Members are delivered personal attention and modified workout plans based on their fitness level allowing them to achieve the equivalent of 60 minutes of traditional strength training in just 20 minutes.


Whole body vibration is really the science of fitness! Backed by numerous research studies there are proven results when using vibration technology in areas of increased bone density, arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis; including the improvement in muscle tone, balance, increased circulation and so much more. Not only does Vibeology offer the advanced technology of whole body vibration we offer eight years of experience working with seniors, injuries and specialized groups.


Vibration training is a fast, easy and effective way to train your body to achieve your optimal fitness level. Rev up your metabolism, scorch fat, build muscle and improve your overall health. Vibeology gives you the opportunity to achieve your fitness goals in a fun, dynamic, safe and inviting small studio setting.  Vibeology offers a variety of workouts for every fitness level.

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