This class is focused on improving your balance. With the proven research of Vibration training and its positive impact
on your balance you will be sure to see the benefits within sessions.

V-Cardio Tone

A specialized in HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) session including cardio, strength, power and core. Great for heart health and burning fat while lifting your mood with high energy tunes


A low impact full body workout for every fitness level. This workout can incorporates the use of weights, bands, kettle bells as well as the Whole Body Vibration Machine. Every session is different and can be modified for all fitness levels.


It is all about working that core!

With a combination of planks and various ab work to get that core strong.


A low impact gentle stretch class which will help to reduce stress and improve mobility in your joints, flexibility, balance, coordination, circulation and overall wellbeing.

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