I started at Vibeology last year, with a focus on re-strengthening my core muscles after they were decimated by back to back pregnancies and C sections.

The machines intensify my workout, and the trainers encourage me to increase my capacity and lots of variety to keep me on my toes!  I don’t know what’s better, the endorphin rush I feel after the workout or feeling muscles re-emerging where there once was just a saggy mommy tummy.


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We have been going to Vibes for over 3 years now. Our balance and flexibility has improved 10 fold. Always something different, so it is an overall fitness program. Dawn an Meghan are always fun and they pay attention to your concerns and will customize the days exorcise to your particular needs. It is quick and convenient,only 4 people at a time and always on schedule.

Bruce & Gail


After 18 months of pain and suffering , after the back operation I was stiff and immobile. I attended Vibes for a couple of weeks with noticeable improvement. I went from walking about three blocks to covering five to six kilometres daily. Vibes has improved my strength, tone and balance. I love it and intend to make this routine part of my long term lifestyle goals.


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I love everything about Vibeology. It helps

to keep me physically strong, flexible,

toned and fit; it helps to keep me

mentally and emotionally centred

and anchored. Vibeology short-sharp

20-minute training modality suits my lifestyle, and no single session is ever boring.

I deeply value my sessions as time just

for me. It is important to say that I

also recognize and appreciate

tremendously the quality of instruction

and atmosphere at studio.

Three words about Vibeology - I love it!”


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